every woman deserves a beautiful portrait of herself.


Hair and makeup included!  

Invite your mom or friends and make it a girls day out! 

"This session with Liz has changed how I see myself!"

Hi. I'm liz.

I know how to capture your unique beauty. There's a powerful gorgeous you just begging to be seen, and I adore bringing that image into print.

I never felt beautiful; not as a child nor as a woman later. But I see beauty and magic in everyone around me. Sometimes we forget to really love ourselves. We get lost in our work and everything around us, and realize that we've neglected to recognize how amazing we are. I don't think any woman should go without seeing just how beautiful she is, and how the world around her, see's her. 

We (my wife and I) strive to bring a connection and an extra level of comfort to every client. (That's you.)

I really just want to help you see yourself. 

Now seeking professional makeup artists.

Email: Elizabeth@lizzivandess.com. 



Give the gift of beauty to your favorite person this year! 

Significant Awards and Publications

Most recently: Voted top 20 portrait photographers of Tampa Bay of 2017. Now proudly serving Columbus Ohio!